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Real-time data from National Grid showing the generation mix and forecasted demand for the GB transmission network. Data is downloaded via the BM Reports API. 

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About the demand data...

National Grid see solar PV generation as a reduction in demand, this means that the metered 'Demand outturn' represents the 'True' electricity demand minus the generation from Solar and small-scale unmetered Wind. Similarly, the forecasted demand is a forecast of the demand outturn i.e. without solar generation.

Here we present both the unaltered 'Demand outturn' and 'Demand Forecast', as well as the 'True Demand' which is calculated as the 'Demand outturn' plus the solar PV generation.

(N.B. We do NOT currently add NG's estimate of unmetered wind generation in our calculation of 'True Demand', but this is something we're working on including.)

Use the form below to download historic results. You can download a maximum of 12 months at a time. The earliest data available at the moment is '2013-01-01'. For a description of the column headers please read the API documentation.

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We update this estimate every 30 minutes during daylight hours. The results on this page will automatically refresh every 300 seconds. You can pause the automatic updates or manually update the data using the buttons at the top right of this page.

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Disclaimer: This is live research. Sheffield Solar is developing the live PV data feeds, methodology, software, presentation etc and as such the estimate may be inaccurate.
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