Nationally-Aggregated PV Forecast

Sheffield Solar’s PV_Forecast is still being developed, but is available for FREE until 31st January 2018 to allow users to influence the final product. If you’d like to express an interest and influence the development of PV_Forecast, please complete this survey.

This PV forecast is being developed in collaboration with:

The results on this page will automatically refresh every 300 seconds. You can pause the automatic updates or manually update the data using the buttons at the top right of this page.

Is it any good?

Yes. You can read some validation statistics here, based on a year's worth of historic 24-hour-lead-time PV forecasts intitialised at 7am. If you have any questions about the accuracy of this service, please don't hesitate to email the Sheffield Solar team.

Disclaimer: This is live research. Sheffield Solar is still developing and improving the PV_Forecast methodology and as such the estimate may be inaccurate.
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