Nationally-Aggregated PV Forecast

Sheffield Solar’s PV_Forecast is a subscription service providing operational forecasts of nationally aggregated PV generation connected to the GB transmission network. On this page, you can only view forecast generation data up to the current time - you'll need to subscribe to our API platform to see the operational forecast data.
If you’d like to subscribe, please visit api.solar.shef.ac.uk/pvforecast. If you prefer, you can email our business development manager Aldous directly or call him on +44(0)114 222 3533.

This PV forecast is being developed in collaboration with:

The results on this page will automatically refresh every 300 seconds. You can pause the automatic updates or manually update the data using the buttons at the top right of this page.

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To help standardise the approach to validation of GB national PV forecasts, we've developed an open-source validation tool, available to download from GitHub / Docker Hub: github.com/SheffieldSolar/PV-Forecast-Validation. This tool can be used to validate any national PV forecast by comparing the forecasted outturns with the PV_Live outturn estimates. An example report, giving the 2019 performance statistics for our own PV_Forecast service, can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions about the accuracy of this service, please don't hesitate to email the Sheffield Solar team.

Disclaimer: This is live research - this site may change, move or disappear without notice.