Jamie Taylor

jamie_2.5-3.png Research Associate,
Sheffield Solar – Microgen Database
+44 (0)114 222 3516

Key Responsibilities:

  • Innovative Research/ Data Analysis
  • Produce Research Publications
  • Website Admin/Development
  • Database Admin


Currently tasked with researching real world performance of solar PV across the UK and Europe as part of the Sheffield Solar research group in the Physics and Astronomy department.
Responsible for producing research publications on behalf of the group whilst also maintaining and developing the regular performance analysis served via the microgen database website (www.microgen-database.org.uk). Employing knowledge of computer and database programming (python, matlab, sql, bash, c/c++, html, css) alongside a comprehensive understanding of the underlying physical processes to devise and realise innovate research.
A recent graduate of the University of Sheffield, Jamie completed a Master of Physics Degree (MPhys) in June 2013. His undergraduate projects focused heavily on computational simulations of renewable energy technologies, culminating in a 4th year project simulating charge transport in organic semiconductors of the type used in organic solar cells. He has worked for the Sheffield Solar group since July 2012.