Jamie Taylor

Photo of Jamie

Senior Energy Research Fellow, Sheffield Solar

Email: jamie.taylor@sheffield.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)114 222 4584

LinkedIn: jamietaylor1235

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead translational research projects
  • Technical lead for PV_Live and PV_Forecast
  • Conduct innovative research
  • Develop new methodologies and services

Jamie’s role as Senior Energy Research Fellow is to lead translational research projects funded by a combination of industrial income, UKRI and strategic university investment. This includes leading high quality innovation activity that results in significant long-term impact for partner organisations and wider beneficiaries including industrial, policy and third sector stakeholders.

The role of Senior Energy Research Fellow is to provide leadership and influence within the energy sector as well as identifying and securing income and grant funding to support the Sheffield Solar group’s innovation activities. This is achieved through collaboration with other staff in the University and through close links with partner organisations – developing and maintaining long-lasting partnerships and collaborations beyond academia that have strategic importance for the University. These relationships will focus on technological solutions to energy data and data service challenges along with related corporate and policy governance.

In recent years Jamie led the technical development of the PV_Live (PV outturn monitoring) service through the ‘PV monitoring phase 2/3’ NIA-funded projects in collaboration with National Grid ESO. He also developed the methodology and code behind Sheffield Solar’s PV_Forecast service.

Jamie graduated from a Master of Physics Degree (MPhys) at The University of Sheffield in 2013. His undergraduate projects focused heavily on computational simulations of renewable energy technologies, culminating in a 4th year project simulating charge transport in organic semiconductors of the type used in organic solar cells. Jamie has worked for the Sheffield Solar group since July 2012.

Since December 2022, Jamie has worked part-time for National Grid ESO alongside his part-time role with Sheffield Solar. As a Senior Data Scientist in the Energy Forecasting team at ESO, Jamie is helping to develop and refine ESO’s methodologies and technical solutions for forecasting wind, solar and other embedded generation, as well as electricity demand.