Hussah Alghanem

Photo of Hussah

PhD student, University of Sheffield


Research Interests:

  • Forecasting solar photovoltaic deployment
  • Understanding the factors that play a role in solar PV deployment
  • Solar photovoltaic policies

Hussah Alghanem is a PhD student with a focus on forecasting and tracking solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity. She uses machine learning algorithms to develop predictive models for solar PV deployment. Her research explores the complex interactions between social, economic, land use, climatic, political factors, and solar PV deployment.

With an MSc in Solar Cell Technology, Hussah conducted research on modelling the aging and degradation of lithium-ion batteries when coupled with solar PV systems. She earned her bachelor’s degree in physics education, providing her with a strong foundation in both physics and pedagogy.

Hussah has experience teaching at both the high school and university level. She is passionate about education and believes in the importance of communicating science and technology to a broader audience. Outside of academia, Hussah enjoys reading and hiking.