Dan Travers

Photo of Dan

PhD student, University of Sheffield

Email: dan.travers@sheffield.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3533

Research Interests:

  • Modelling and forecasting solar generation
  • Understanding forecasting uncertainties and their financial impact
  • Renewable generation with energy storage

Dan Travers is studying for his PhD, focused on modelling and forecasting of solar energy generation. Under the supervision of Alastair Buckley, he is focusing on using machine learning and statistical approaches to modelling individual PV (photovoltaic) system and fleet level solar energy production. He has research interests in modelling the uncertainty of solar production and how that affect the financial value of solar assets, how batteries can be used to complement renewable generation and where to use weather to inform better operational and investment decisions around renewables.

Dan previously worked for a number of years in Powercor, an electricity trading and retail company in Australia as a trading & risk analyst. Since then he has worked in energy and financial software. For most of that time he has been a product manager of a suite of products focused on quantitative modelling and pricing of financial derivatives and their risk. He still holds a part time position in this role.

Dan is currently also fulfilling a research post with Bryt Energy. He is a founding member of openclimatefix.org, a non-profit focused on reducing carbon emissions through machine learning and solar forecasting in particular. He holds an Honours and a Masters degree in Pure Mathematics.