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Want to access our PV_Live estimates through an API?

The PV_Live web API (Application Programming Interface) provides access to near-real-time and historical estimates of PV generation on the GB transmission network. It returns a computer friendly (JSON) response for use in software, websites, apps etc.

For technical details of how to use the API, including examples, see the PV_Live API User Guide.

For a Python implementation of the API, check out the PV_Live-API project on GitHub.

Updated July 2022! On 19th July 2022 we released a new version (v4) of the PV_Live API that offers improved modelling of regional PV_Live results and an improved methodology for tracking PV deployment. Read more about the changes here.

Warning! We are actively developing the PV_Live API, so we may change the base-url, end-points, authentication, response format etc. If you want to be notified of any changes to the API in advance, please email solar@shef.ac.uk and we’ll add you to our mailing list (the list is only used to provide updates about PV_Live, you won’t be spammed with newsletters and we won’t share any information with any third parties).

Some examples of the API put to good use…

AMIRA Technologies logo AMIRA Technologies
“Specialists in demand and renewable forecasting for the GB electricity market”
“A family of platforms which give real time information about electricity in Great Britain”
MyGridGB logo
PAL Carbon Dashboard logo PAL Carbon Dashboard
“a scientifically robust way of putting a realistic and sustainable price on past and present carbon emissions”
Redtree Technology – React Energy
“Delivering real-time software for modern energy markets”
Redtree Technology logo
Gridwatch logo Gridwatch
“Collecting energy generation data since 2011”
Ground Source Heat Pump Association
“Raising awareness of the significant, ongoing reduction in CO2 emissions that Ground Source Heat Pumps offer versus conventional technology”
CO2 from heating systems comparison board
Energy Sparks logo Energy Sparks
“Helping our schools become more energy efficient and teaching school children about energy”
Energy Dashboard
“Providing real-time and historical UK energy figures and analysis”
Energy Dashboard sample energy mix graph
UK Power logo UK Power App
“Discover how much electrical power is being distributed by National Grid in the UK and the CO2 that is created”
Intelligence by Energy Solutions
“Live and historical electricity generation analysis with pricing data”
Energy Solutions logo

Got a good example? Email us so we can add it here.