Ethan Jones

photo of Ethan Jones Assistant Data Analyst, Sheffield Solar – Microgen Database

Key Roles:

  • Managing the Microgen Database
  • Website Admin/Development


Ethan is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield and is due to graduate in July 2022. He has previously worked with Sheffield Solar alongside the Turing Institute and Open Climate Fix on the ‘Solar Nowcasting with Machine Vision’ project as well as helping to develop the PV_Live interactive regional map as part of a summer placement in 2017. Throughout his studies so far, Ethan has gained knowledge of several programming languages including Python, Java and JavaScript, whilst also developing an understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science and Data Science. He is responsible for managing, uploading and analysing PV data for Microgen Database website, whilst also contributing more broadly to Sheffield Solar’s work by developing software for data cleansing and validation. He also contributes to the development of visualisation tools for PV_Live.