Dr Jose Mawyin

jose_2.5-3.png Physics Researcher,
Solar Energy in Future Societies
 Email:  j.mawyin@sheffield.ac.uk

Research Interests:

  • Solar and renewable energy
  • Sustainable development

Dr. Jose Mawyin was born in the coastal Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil but emigrated to the United States (New York) with his family to complete high school education. He attended Stony Brook University where he gained an undergraduate degree in Physics with a minor in Optics. His undergraduate summers were spent doing research with fellowships sponsored by AGEP and NSF working in hands-on or simulation projects. After spending a semester as a research assistant for Dr. Charles Fortmann he joined the Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D. program in Stony Brook under his guidance.

The core aspect of his graduate research dealt with techniques needed to improve the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC). However, he also worked on shorter term projects dealing with phonon waveguides in a-Si:H, surface characterization of materials and the constant upkeep and refurbishing of the ultra high vaccum and x-ray emission components of an XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) chamber. Other than doing research Jose was also fortunate to spend a couple of semesters as adjunct professor teaching undergraduate level courses and spending three rewarding years as the president of the local student chapter of the American Society of Materials (ASM).

After graduation in 2009 and for his first postdoctoral position he joined a group in Marseille at CINaM (Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille). The project aimed to mature organic electronics technologies previously developed by the group up to a point ready for a start-up company. His duties involved the processing, testing and optimization of hybrid solar cells using solution based coaxial nano-heterojunctions. The group eventually transitioned to the company GENES’INK located in the region surrounding Marseille in Provence.

His second postdoc and current position is in the University of Sheffield to work in a multidisciplinary project. The project combines the expertise of architects, engineers, physical and social scientist to explore new cooperative approaches in research that will involve the end-user or public in the investigation process of new technologies such as solar energy. His contribution to the project will initially entail the development of data acquisition systems that can be deployed in the field and can do long-term degradation testing or organic photovoltaics (OPV), work on encapsulation techniques to extend the lifetime of OPVs for field deployment and testing and the continuous collaboration with social scientists as to open up photovoltaic research to public involvement.

His interests cover wide ranging fields such as solar and renewable energy, sustainable development, foreign policy, world and warfare history.

When he is not at the University Jose enjoys exploring the sights of Sheffield, Britain and Europe, readying the latest sci-fi book releases and improving his night photography skills.