Sheffield Solar meet their data donors

On Saturday 19th July, Sheffield Solar invited contributors of the Microgen Database to visit the Solar Farm and hear more detail about the work undertaken within the team.  The day was well attended, with many homeowners travelling from all over the country to learn more about latest trends in PV technology and research.  All delegates had PV installed on their own property, most being early adopters of the technology.  Notably, each attendee was highly qualified in their own right, within fields such as electronic engineering, physics, data analysis and computer programming.

The day started with a refreshments and a welcome from the team.  Talks were given by both members of the team, as well as the MD of T4 Sustainability who discussed data collection using a Raspberry Pi.  Even despite the heavy rain, delegates enjoyed a tour of the Solar Farm, viewing the various technologies installed on the roof of the physics building.

It was great to see contributors to the project meeting each other and engaging in a lively discussion.  The Sheffield Solar team hope that these members will keep in touch and will continue to share their wealth of experience with others via the Microgen Forum.  Notes from the discussion will be shared in due course.

Talks can be downloaded below:

Lisa Clark – Introduction

John Beardmore – Raspberry Pis and data collection from PV installations

Julian Briggs – Sheffield Solar Infrastructure

Jamie Taylor – Performance analysis and algorithms

Alastair Buckley – Future of PV technology

Huw Birch – Energy Storage

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