Solar Energy in Future Societies – Resources

Solar Energy in Future Societies – Resources

Collaboration between residents of Stocksbridge and researches from the universities of Sheffield and Durham has produced material collated into posters and workbooks. Right click  and select “Save” for an electronic copy.


Geothermal from mines

Ground Heating – Heating your home from the mines

The industrial past of Stocksbridge could be a resource for the future. The abandoned coal mines beneath town could be flooded and the water kept at a constant temperature warmed by underground heat. What is the potential of this hot water as a source of heat for the town? Could the closed down mine shafts be reopened and reused for ground source heating?

TATA heat

Recovering Heat from TATA Steel

Waste heat from the steelworks could be used to provide heat to many big heat consumers in town. A distribution network of steam or hot water similar to the one in Sheffield City Center could be develop to tap into this resource.


Stocksbridge by Train

There are few mass transit options for travel between Stocksbridge and Sheffield. Repurposing the existing train track serving the steelworks so that it also serves as a public transport link could improve the quality life in Stocksbridge and make travel much easier.


What is Biomass?

Shrubs and trees that grow in Stocksbridge could be used to fuel local boilers instead of ending as mulch or yard/farm waste. How much heating potential is scattered throughout the fields surrounding Stocksbridge?

Wind turbines

Electricity from Wind Power

Wind turbines are the leading renewable generator of electricity in the UK. Which locations should be open for wind energy development and under what type of ownership structure?


Electricity from the Sun

Most houses could become electricity generators with the installation of rooftop PV panels. What are the experiences of a homeowner that has installed PV panels on his/her roof?


The Inman Initiative

This community building could serve as example of how to improve the usability and energy efficiency of buildings while also reducing operation costs.


Zero Carbon Homes

Renewable energy could satisfy a large part of a house’s electricity consumption but what to do when there is not sun or wind?


Community Hydro Power

Hydropower helped to power the industrial past of the region. Can it still contribute as an energy source for the future and what is the electricity generation potential of the local streams and rivers?


Sustainable Leisure Centre

Locally sourced biomatter could reduce the operation cost of the Leisure Centre by fuelling a boiler. How much land area would be needed and how will this heating solution compared to more traditional alternatives?


How can Stocksbridge become more energy independent from the Grid?

What is the ideal mix and location for distributed electricity generation in Stocksbridge: Wind, solar (rooftop and farms), hydroelectricity (generation/storage) and combined-heat-and-power using locally sourced biomatter. What combination of renewable energy generation and storage offers the fastest financial payback time and the most energy used locally? Are these metrics important to the residents of Stocksbridge?


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